C.e. Stabilizing Shampoo

Stabilizing Shampoo is an absolute must after the colouring. The mild 'acid' formula garantuees not only a radical cleansing of the hair, but also accelerates the closing of the hairscales, so the pigments are better fixed in the hair.
Stabilizing Shampoo contains glycerine to give moisture to the hair. Wheat protein reduces the hair's porosity and improves smoothness.
Application: After the processing time of the colouring, emulsify and rinse well. Apply Stabilizing Shampoo equally on the hair. Make the shampoo lather. No processing time. Rinse well. Towel dry. An after-treatment with Color Essentials pH Conditioner is recommended.

€ 38,61 incl. VAT

€ 31,91 excl. VAT