Ce Perfect Bond
250 ML

Color Essentials Perfect Bond is added to the bleach mixture without the need to alter the formulation in order to protect the hair from breakage during the bleaching process. It does not affect the desired bleaching result.
This is achieved by a combination of plant based proteins and sugars. By protecting the cuticle, during the bleaching process, the hair fibre is protected, whilst allowing the bleaching process to be unaffected.
The hair feels stronger with increased volume and less frizz.

Key active ingredients include:
o Pisum Sativum: antioxidant, hydrating, smoothing and volumizing benefits to the hair.
o Selaginella Lepidophylla: intense moisturization, improves hairs tensile strength.

With Color Essentials Perfect Bond, we provide a bio-film around the hair cuticle, that acts as scaffolding. It forms a semipermeable facade that protects the hair and therefore the disulfide bonds, while still allowing a bleaching process to be efficient and successful.
Color Essentials Perfect Bond offers lasting protection, and chemical ''burn'' prevention for healthy hair cuticles.

Use Color Essentials Perfect Bond in combination with Color Essentials Stabilizing Shampoo, and especially Color Essentials pH Conditioner. These products restore the hairs acidity, thus smoothing the hair cuticle guaranteeing healthy, soft to the touch, silky and shining hair.

KST Smoothing Shampoo and KST Nourishing Cream are recommended as home care.

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